Wildflower honey in Arizona

arizonahoneyMany different kinds of wildflowers grow in Arizona and many of them produce nectar from which the bees can make honey. We specialize in one very specific plant , however, and it goes by the common name “Fairy Duster” . Ranchers call it “Guajilla” (pronounced “wa-hee-ya”) and it is a very desireable scrub to have in their cattles’ grazing range because it is nutritious and durable. We find it an interesting and beneficial plant because the bees produce the most wonderful ‘carmel-tasting’ honey from its blossoms. It is a very unique and rare honey. The scrub grows only in a very limited area of about 3000 – 4000 feet in elevation in certain parts of Arizona. It requires rainfall that is just right in timing and qualtity to produce a prolific bloom. Many years, no honey at all is produced from this plant, but over the past year we gave been fortunate to secure a crop.