Korean Evodia or Bee-Bee Tree honey

koreanhoneyThey say that you are what you eat and when it comes to bees, this concept is just as important. A bee’s honey is determined by the nectar source from where it visits. There are some locations in the US where the honey is a deep purple color because of the nectar that the bees consume.

While there are many types of trees and plants which are popular for beekeepers, nothing stands out quite like the Korean Evodia, or Bee-Bee Tree. This particular tree can grow up to an amazing 45 foot in height if it is left alone, but can also be grown as a hedgerow ore bush if well maintained. It is a very hardy plant that prefers a well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight.

As the plant grows and ages it begins to go through its natural flowering cycles for which it tends to bloom in late July of every year. It has a lovely white flower that resembles an elderberry blossom and it has a very high nectar flow which bees just love.

Like most other plants, the nectar which is consumed by the bees and made into honey is a sweet and very unique tasting product. Sure a bee can consume just about any type of nectar and produce a lovely honey, the Korean Evodia or Bee-Bee Tree honey is something that is truly unique and highly sought after. Those who have had the opportunity to consume the honey of bees that get their nectar from the Korean Evodia insist that there is nothing quite like it anywhere in the world.

As with almost all honey, there are so many different and important health benefits associated with the regular consumption of honey. Its ability to boost the immune system naturally is perhaps one of the most important uses for all natural honey.